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Zombie Hunter Von Schraderhaus 

CGC, Personal Protection Dog

OFA Hips GOOD/Elbows Normal/DM Clear

East Lineage (DDR)

Zombie Hunter is a gorgeous DDR female. This girl sure is something special. As a very young pup she was proven to be highly intelligent, she was very easy to train and has matured very nicely. She always strived at learning new tasks. She is a very social dog and loves everyone, however she is very protective of her handlers and home front. She is everything one could want in a German Shepherd. She has a high drive, but settles nice in the house when the day is done. She is a dark black sable like her mother. She has a impeccable temperament, gorgeous pigment & structure, and is extremely very agile. As quiet and well-mannered in the house as she is high drive outside. Perfect with other dogs, cats, & kids of all ages. She is a beautiful black sable female, with a beautiful head and body structure. She has the most beautiful gate I have ever seen on a dog. She is eager to learn and work, she stays very engaged with her handler and  absolutely loves every moment of it. She’s gorgeous, smart, and fun to be with.  Zombie Hunter is trained in Personal Protection and has had some tracking and scent work. She is now retired from having litters. 

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