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Most of our Puppies are shipped by Air. Puppies must be 8 weeks old to ship. We do not ship out side the USA. Shipping charges are in addition to the purchase price of your puppy. Currently the cost is:$475-$500 (Price may change). 
We determine which airline to use for the shipping of the puppy. We typically use United Pet Safe air cargo delivery and that includes: Size-appropriate crate for the puppy, Health Certificate issued by our veterinarian within 10 days of flight and Air Fair. There will be no additional charges that a buyer has to pay at the airport when receiving their puppy.  
We  only shipped out on Friday’s and Saturday’s. We ship from Miami International airport to you nearest airport. 
You MUST have your Drivers License / ID to pick up the puppy from the airport. The ID must read exactly what the health certificate says which will be attached to the side of the crate. Please know we secure our puppies VERY well in their crates so bring a pair of scissors with you. This is to ensure that no ones opens the crate / steals the puppy. 
While many times shipping of a puppy by air can seem like a big deal to many new dog owners, we want you to be reassured - pets fly everyday. Pets are being shipped safely everyday. 

We can't speak enough of the benefits of visiting your breeder in person. You are ore than welcome to visit us and [ick up your pup, we actually encourage this. We offer ground delivery (for $2/mile) and can deliver puppies up to 300 miles from Big Pine Key Florida. We would not risk using a ground shipper for young puppies, as those are usually having a week-long routs and a young puppy should not spend a week in a crate while in delivery from us to the buyer. ​

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