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About Our Puppies


   We take the placement of our dogs very seriously as the welfare of the dogs depends upon the proper placement of our offspring. 

Special consideration will be given to handlers experienced in competitive dog sports, and any venue that gives the dog a job. However, it is most important to us that the dog finds a good, loving, understanding home, where they can be cherished as a member of the family. We strive to produce clear-headed, social dogs; that are not only good looking, but healthy from head to tail. Our bloodlines we choose to perpetuate primarily Czech and East German DDR dogs.  We are focused on training and producing sound German Shepherds with the qualities needed to be a versatile working dog, be it in Competitive Sports, Personal Protection, Herding, SAR or just great family companion. Our breedings are planned ahead of time, we do not always have puppies, usually one litter per year. Our puppies are raised in home and handled early on. We spend hundreds of hours raising, interacting and stimulating our pups to anything they might encounter in the real world. Our goal is to produce healthy, versatile pups with an emphasis on sound temperaments and the working qualities needed to be confident working dogs and stable companions. 


Please understand these are Working line German Shepherds!!!! They require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation and structure. WE ONLY SELL TO THOSE WITH EXPERIENCE WITH THIS BREED!

German Shepherds are a very challenging breed, especially in the first year. They require a lot of socialization and proper discipline and leadership right from the start. You must be willing and ready to lead your puppy for a healthy and happy lifestyle. They have a high prey drive so you must be careful if there are other small animals  in or children the household. Like all puppies, German Shepherd puppies with high drive can be nippy and mouthy. They must be under supervision at all times. 

Purchasing and choosing a Puppy

 Puppy reservations and choosing will be determined by in the order in which we received your application/ reservation. 
We only accept 3 male reservation and 3 female reservation, until litter is born, and these reservations fill very quickly. We do however take additional names down for contact once the litter is born. And you are more than welcome to submit a puppy application to us for a sport on our reservations.

   Please know you must contact us first to discuss what your looking for in your new family member. Together we can decide if our puppies are the right fit for you and your family. Once you are reserved and puppies are born, we will give you our input on which puppy we feel best suits you and your need, lifestyle etc.. based on the application information you provide to us. Example: We will not place a highly driven puppy in a pet home or vise versa. If the breeding is not successful or we do not have enough (not enough of that sex), we will move your reservation to a future litter if desired. We do not guarantee for color. We will not hold a puppy without receiving a deposit. Deposits are due at 1 week of age. We usually choose puppies at about 5-6 weeks of age. 

* All puppies are sold on a limited registrationLimited Registrations may be lifted to Full Registration at 24 months once Hip/ Elbow ratings are preformed. 

*  Puppies are $2,000 

* A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a puppy after pups are born and are declared healthy. 

* Prices are Non-negotiable. We do not take payments on puppies. 

* Puppies MUST be paid in full by 6 weeks. Accepted payment methods are cash, personal check, PayPal

* We sell our puppies with a 2 year Hip Guarantee.

* We do not ship puppies out side of the USA. We use a ground shipper. Additional fees are required and MUST be paid before the puppy leaves our possession. Shipping rates depend on your location and can be discussed in advance.

* All puppies will be vet checked, microchipped, wormed and have their first round of vaccinations.

* All pups come with a puppy packet/ folder which includes their health and development records. We also include a puppy pack which includes their information packet on the Sire and Dam, including photos, health clearances and descriptions.

* The puppy MUST be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) within 90 days of purchasing. 

The registration process if very easy and this ensures your new puppy is in the database for AKC, and also confirmed that the buyer is in fact taking possession and full ownership of the puppy/dog. Owner is responsible fro all AKC registration fees. 

* Puppy buyers have the right to name their puppy whatever they wish, however all puppies will be registered bearing the name "Windstarke" in their name, Example: “ZEN” Vom Windstärke. Windstarke is our AKC name. 

* We have the right to refuse any potential buyer, even if a deposit has been sent, at any time we feel the home will not be suitable for our puppies we will refund the deposit immediately. BOTTOM LINE!!         
German Shepherd Dogs