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All our puppies are examined by a vet of our choice just a few days before they are placed with families. Each puppy comes with a complete health report, including vaccinations and de-worming records. Owners agree to take their puppy to a vet of their choice within 3 business days of purchase.  After these three days period, we offer 24-months guarantee for any genetic Hip Dysplasia,  if any.  We do not cover veterinary costs and do not cover trauma related injuries.


  1. BUYER understands that all puppies are purchased with a LIMITED registration shall not be used for breeding and shall be spayed/neutered at BUYER’S expense between 18 and 24 months of age. Proof of spay or neuter must be provided to SELLER at the above listed SELLER address within 7 days of the spay/neuter procedure. Any litters resulting from intentional or unintentional breeding of a limited registration puppy will be in breach of this contract and will make all BUYER’s protections in this contract null and void.  

  1. BUYER agrees that the puppy is being purchased for his/herself as a sole owner and in the puppy’s lifetime, will not be co-owned, sold, adopted, loaned, donated or given to another party, rescue or shelter under any circumstance. If at any time in the puppy’s life, there should be a tragedy of the BUYER, such as a death or physical inability to care for this puppy or ANY other reason BUYER cannot or does not wish to keep the puppy, the SELLER is to be given first right of refusal to take the puppy back from BUYER or BUYER’s agent at no cost to the SELLER. BUYER and SELLER may, by documented agreement; opt to place the puppy in another suitable home and contact information for the puppy’s new owner(s) shall be provided to SELLER.   

  1. BUYER agrees to have puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian no later than 72- hours from delivery to confirm the puppy’s health. Any claims regarding the health of the puppy must be received by the SELLER in writing; no later than 7 calendar days from the time of delivery. Such written report must be verified by the examining veterinarian, and include all related records, and received by SELLER prior to consideration of any claims. Failure to provide the written veterinary report within 7 calendar days voids all buyer protections stated in this contract.     

  1. BUYER agrees to limit exercise while puppy is growing through 2 years of age to reduce the chance of damaging hips and elbows and acknowledges an exercise guidelines/ Do’s and Donts has been provided from the SELLER outlining safe exercise limits for the puppy through 2 years of age. Diet fed to the puppy must ensure that the bone growth is at a slow rate.   

  1. BUYER agrees to have an OFA experienced veterinarian perform hip and elbow X-rays between 24-25 months of age for submission to OFA no later than 26 months of age, to determine hip and elbow OFA ratings.    

  1. BUYER agrees to not allow any vaccine to be given to the puppy if the its system is under duress from physical health issues (including worms) and agrees to wait 2 weeks between any vaccinations and the rabies vaccine.       

  •  BUYER understands warranty is void if any one or more of the conditions below apply:

      a) Puppy is spayed/neutered prior to 18 months or not spayed/neutered by the 24th month of

          age for limited registration contracts.

      b) Puppy has had undocumented vaccines prior to 2 years of age.    

      c) There is no proof of, or undocumented licensed veterinary oversight of routine vaccinations,

          and other routine health and care of puppy.    

      d) Puppy purchased with full registration is allowed to breed, intentionally or unintentionally,

          prior to obtaining health testing at two years of age (hips and elbow OFAs, DM, and

          cryptorchid clear).  

  •  BUYER acknowledges that the puppy’s full name given and recorded by the SELLER will remain the

first name of the puppy followed by “Vom Windstarke" Name shall not be altered or changed with the AKC or otherwise, under any circumstances.    

  •  BUYER acknowledges that the puppy has been enrolled by SELLER with AKC Reunite Microchip service and the both BUYER and SELLER's names and contact information shall be listed on their database. BUYER agrees to maintain the service for the life of the puppy. BUYER understands AKC Reunite service increases the likelihood of recovering the puppy but is not warranted by SELLER.  

  • BUYER agrees that any and all legal disputes that may arise regarding this puppy and contract will be handled in Key West Florida the parish of residence for the SELLER, Alyssa Mitchell . If a court finds one provision unenforceable or voids any part of the contract, the other parts remain in full force.    

SELLER’s Representations and Warranties to BUYER:

  1. SELLER acknowledges that puppy will be made available to BUYER at 8 weeks of age with age appropriate vaccinations and dewormed prior to delivery. SELLER warrants to the best of the SELLER's knowledge, the puppy will be free from disease or illness and any other untreatable health conditions. 

  1. SELLER warrants that if puppy is deemed in writing by a licensed veterinarian, to have a genetic or life-threatening medical condition; or to be in poor health at the “within 72-hours of delivery” health confirmation appointment and that the cause is clearly attributable to the SELLER, the SELLER shall exchange the puppy for a replacement puppy from same litter. If no replacement puppy is available, the SELLER shall refund the full purchase price only to the BUYER. 

  1. BUYER acknowledges regarding this contract’s warranty, below stipulations listed below must be met: 

  1. The 24 Month Certification OFA x-ray evaluations shall be performed by a Licensed or Certified  Orthopedic Veterinarian, skilled at producing and positioning views for OFA 24-month evaluations. All radiography should be identifiable in the film emulsion with the name of the puppy and the name of the veterinarian. This warranty is valid if hips or elbows are noted with OFA as anything below “fair” or “normal”. (Dysplasia caused by obesity, dietary deficiency, playing, running or sliding on slick tile, concrete or hardwood floors, overexertion, over jumping, or other preventable causes are not warranted.) The elbows and hips should be x- rayed at 24 months of age for purposes of this Agreement; BUYER has until the puppy is 26 months of age to submit the 24 Month Certifying OFA x-ray evaluations to SELLER for the purposes of this warranty.   

b) Documentation of BUYER’s State Board of Veterinary vaccine protocol for puppy through 2 years of age must be provided to SELLER.    

c) Copies of all vet office visits reports, testing and treatments.   

d) A licensed Veterinarian provides a statement that the puppy has not had, been seen for, or treated for any injuries or undue bone stresses (to include obesity) that might contribute to the hip or elbow dysplasia.    

  • SELLER does not warrant conditions caused by environmental triggers; therefor, Sarcomas, Tumors, Autoimmune Disorders, Thyroid Disease, Stomach issues, Allergies and Seizures are not warranted. SELLER cannot be held liable for any of these conditions as they can be caused by unknown environmental triggers out of the SELLER control. Seller dose not guarantee dentition, male testicles to descend, Mega Esophagus, Eye and heart issues.    

  • SELLER reserves the right to have the puppy examined by SELLER’s Veterinarian, acquire DNA testing, or check the microchip to determine the puppy is the actual puppy identified as the contracted puppy before issuing a refund.   

  •  SELLER will have registered the puppy with Limited American Kennel Club (AKC) registration prior to execution of this contract. BUYER is required to verify the information on file with AKC is correct and current within 30 days of delivery.    

Breeding Females

It is crucial to be very familiar with their heat cycles. Keep a log/ record of their cycles, dates and lengths. If they are due to come into heat around the same time frame that you are planning to do her x-rays, be very cautious, you must delay taking the x-rays for 6-8 weeks following the end of their heat cycles. Under no circumstances should a female be x-rayed when she is in heat. Additionally, 

hip films must not be taken 6-8 weeks either before or after the impending/current heat cycle. When a female comes into heat, the fluctuation of hormone levels within her body causes her ligaments, tendons, and joints to loosen and become lax.  This is a normal preparation for the body should the bitch become pregnant. It is not a good time to do X-Rays as it can, and has, changed the 

outcome of the rating for the dogs hips. Owners who take films while female is in heat, or whose female comes into heat immediately following the films, and which result in a negative hip rating, will be required to have hip films retaken in 8 weeks from the end of the heat cycle. 

Terms of Replacement 

 Buyer having met all terms and requirements above and In the event a puppy is proven to be dysplastic, Under NO circumstance is the dog to be sold, placed or euthanized without obtaining PRIOR express written permission by Windstarke K9. Should any of the events mentioned above in fact occur and a replacement dog  becomes necessary, the Buyer is required to spay or neuter the animal and provide proof of such to us. Buyer may keep the dog, with a new pup of our choice awarded to buyer. Seller allowing purchase credit of 50% of original dogs purchase price paid, toward  a new puppy. Airfare and related Veterinary fees are additional and at buyer expense.This option will be awarded on a one time basis, when a pup of equivalent value and of breeder's choosing & approval becomes available. 

Misuse, Neglect and Abuse

Buyer agrees to care for this dog / puppy in a manner consistent with the preservation of the dog's health and well being. Buyer agrees to provide proper shelter for the dog, and give the dog proper attention. The  dog is  to  be kept indoors and be apart of the immediate family. The dog MUST take a once a month flea, tick and heart worm prevention. If a dispute were to occur owner will need to show proof that the dog has been taking monthly prevention an has been seen by a veterinarian regularly. Abuse of dog, lack of adequate nutrition and/or using this dog for purposes for which it was not intended to be used and which may harm the dog, specifically illegal dog fighting, or over breeding. Neglect/ caring for the dog allows us to confiscate the dog. Should the dog go missing from original owner, and the owner cannot be contacted for whatever reason, or is found to be neglected and or abused we have the right to confiscate the dog and take the dog back into full ownership. If at anytime we feel the dog has been neglected/ uncared for abandoned or abused, we have the right to confiscate the dog.      


Buyer releases the seller from any and all liability arising out of the sale, raising of or training of the previously described puppy/dog. Refunds are not awarded if dog must be returned to seller. Buyer has read all the foregoing and understands and agrees with the provisions and acknowledges a copy of this agreement. In the event a dispute arises, any and all collection expenses incurred by the seller, as may be necessary to enforce the terms of this contract, including, but not limited to recovery of Windstarke pups/ dogs where owners are in violation of the contract terms, all attorney costs and fees, court costs and recovery costs including shipment home of animal, should it become necessary, are recoverable by the seller upon judgment issued in court. Court venue is established and to be conducted in the State of Florida, County of Monroe.  

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