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Please read below. This is our purchase contact, hip and health guarantee. This page is just for you to review. When purchasing a puppy from us we will provide a contract for you. 

Purchase Contract/ Guarantee 

Windstarke German Shepherds

  Quality Working Bloodlines

Purchase Contract, Guarantee and Terms of Sale               

Alyssa Mitchell   / 

Definitions In this contract: “we,” “us,” and “our” refers to the seller

**This agreement applies ONLY to dog/ puppies of Windstarke Breedings*

 This agreement made on the date of: _________________, Made between Alyssa R. Mitchell  of Windstarke K9 and the buyer of the dog/ puppy by the name of _________________________________, Buyer Address: ___________________________________, City:___________________, State: ______,  

Zip: _________,  Phone #1: ________________________, Phone #2: ___________________________,

Email :__________________________________,  Other: ____________________________________

Description of Animal

Pick #______,   This litter is “_______”,  Litter Due Date: ______/______/______ ,  DOB: ____/_____/______ ,   

Breed:   German Shepherd Dog,   Sex:  MALE   /   FEMALE,   Collar Color: __________________________,   

Coat Color: ___________________________,  Litter Name: _________________________________  

Registered Name: _________________________________ Von  /   Vom   Windstarke ,

Bloodline:_________________________,    Dog AKC Registration # / DN #:__________________________

  • This pup is purchased with:   LIMITED   or   FULL   AKC Registration. Upgrade Requirements if sold on FULL (see requirements below)

  • Buyer is aware that a separate check  must be made out to AKC for seller to submit for registering the dog?    YES    /    NO          Buyer initials: __________

  • Microchip #: ________________________________________ ,  Date Microchipped: ______/_____/______

Company: __________________________________________,  Registered?   YES   /   NO  

  • Buyer is aware that a separate check  must be made out to the microchip company for seller to submit for registering?    
YES   /   NO        Buyer initials: __________ 

Microchip Location: Between shoulder blades 

Sire and Dam 

Sire:____________________________________________  Bloodline:__________________________  

AKC Reg #: DN                                          DOB: ____/____/_____   Color: ________________________  

Wt: _______lbs  Hips: __________________,  Elbows: __________________ , DM: _____________  

 Training/ Titles: _____________________________________________________________________

Dam :____________________________________________ Bloodline:__________________________  

AKC Reg #: DN                                          DOB: _____/_____/____   Color: _______________________

Wt: _______lbs  Hips: ____________________,  Elbows: __________________,  DM: ___________  

 Training/ Titles: _______________________________________________________________________

Terms of Sale

  • This pup is purchased with a:   FULL   or   LIMITED    AKC Registration with upgrade requirements.(See below under registration). 
  • Documentation of  Pup Registration:   Application    or    Registration Certificate   which will be supplied once paid in full. Buyer is responsible for payment before puppy is released. 
  • Dog is sold Under:   Full Ownership    or    Co-Ownership

Payment for the animal described above, the following terms of sale apply:

  • Full price of dog / puppy is: $__________(US dollars).  

  • A non refundable deposit is received to secure the pup in the amount of: $500.00                                
Paid by:   Cash    PayPal    Bank Deposit    Personal Check     Cashiers Check 

  • Shipping Needed?   YES  /  NO     
If yes, shipping method will be:    Pick Up     Personal Delivery         Air      
Airline: ______________________________
Scheduled to shipping date: ______/______/______ 

Payment Breakdown: Deposit: $500.00  Balance: $___________  Shipping: $___________  

 Additional crate/ vet expenses: $___________  Microchip Registration Fee: $______________ 

AKC Registration Fee: $____________  >>>>>>>>>>>>  Total: $______________

Buyer has Received

  Policy (    )   Guarantee / Sales Contract (   )   Puppy Health Record (   )   Puppy Pack (    )      Puppy Advice (   )  Invoice (   )  Puppy Data Sheet (   )   Puppy Check List (    )

Reserving a Puppy

  1. First a puppy application must be filled out and approved by us. 
  2. You must also review our policy and sales contract. 
  3. A $500.00 dollar deposit is required to hold a puppy. This deposit is non-refundable but is transferable to a future litter if desired. 
  4. We only accept 2 male and 2 female reservation before the litter is born. 
  5. Once puppies are born we start taking deposits. 
  6. Puppies are chosen in the order in which I receive deposits at birth. 
  7. Once the pups are are 5 -6 weeks old, we will contact the first pick buyer and help choose the right puppy for their lifestyle. After they choose we contact the 2nd buyer and do the same so on. Each week we will send photos and descriptions of the pups and their temperaments to those reserved. We always give suggestions of which pup should go to which family. By the time puppies are 6 weeks old, we know them very well and have good idea for the best homes for them. 


  • If paying by Personal check is acceptable for final payment of dog ONLY if it is sent in advance of delivery of dog AND with enough time (minimum of 14 days) for the check to clear prior to dog’s release. All checks can be made out to Alyssa Mitchell 

  • All puppies must be paid in full by 7 weeks of age. We recommend payment by PayPal, bank cashier check or postal money order sent by UPS, FED-Ex or Priority Mail so as to not hold up the release and shipment of the dog. All shipping costs, health certificates and crate costs are in addition to the price of the puppy and must be paid prior to shipment of the puppy/ dog. 

  • Shipping charges MUST be paid had of time and by 7 weeks old. 

Health and Hip Guarantees

We guarantee that the above dog/ puppy is a purebred and is able to be registered with AKC. Dog / puppy is being purchased by buyer in good health, free of communicable diseases and comes with up to date vaccinations and worming’s. If dog is to be shipped, it will have had a thorough vet exam and comes with current State of Florida Health Certificate. Buyer has 48 hours from final delivery of pup to certify such health by certified DVM. Any and all charges incurred at vet exam & resulting care recommended by buyer’s vet and approved by buyer are the sole responsibility of buyer. We recommend buyers have pre-arranged health check appointment with their vet of choice in order to comply with the 48 hour health certification. This guarantee is no longer in effect after the puppy has been in his/her new home more than 48 hours, as we have no control over his/her new environment. “NO VET CHECK” relieves us of any and all health claims. If a serious health problem is uncovered at 48 hr vet check, a written statement must be provided to seller by attending veterinarian, and pup may be returned to seller at buyer’s expense for exchange. If no pup from same litter is available another pup will be provided of equal value at breeder’s option when one becomes available. If it is determined that the health of the puppy has been affected detrimentally by his/ her new environment, this guarantee will be null and void. If any dog that is subject to this contract is bred or becomes pregnant prior to 2 years of age and dose not have a passing hip and elbow rating, this contract becomes NULL AND VOID.  Reproductive capability is not a guarantee. We do not guarantee EARS TO STAND, DENTITION, MEGE ESOPHAGUS, OR MALE TESTICLES TO DECEND. Umbilical hernias are considered a common occurrence in puppies & we do not guarantee the pups to be free of one. We do not guarantee against Panosteitis, as this most often is the result of a nutritionally related accelerated growth phase seen in large breeds and which they outgrow without adverse effects. 

Conditions brought on by stress of shipping, delivery, the stress of being placed in a new home,  switched food or environmental conditions, such as kennel cough, coccidia, giardia, allergies and demodectic mange are not covered in this contract. 

These conditions should be monitored by your vet and treated accordingly. We do not guarantee the temperament of any dog simply because we have no control over his / her living conditions or environment outside of our own facility. Many factors such as poor training, inconsistency, lack of socialization, neglect and abuse etc. play a negative roll in the development of any dog. 

Buyer understands that this breed requires early socialization, training and exposer from day one through the rest of the dog’s natural life. The buyer understands that this breed can become aggressive, fearful, anxious, hypertensive, uncontrollable and more if not trained or handled properly. A examination from a veterinarian must state that a serious genetic defect exists and be accompanied by x-rays and other testing as appropriate. We are not responsible for the vet bill. Puppies that become sick or die due to an accident or buyers negligence (chewing electrical cords, hung by collar, heat stroke, exposing the puppy to strange dogs before fully vaccinated, etc.) will not be replaced. 


Dogs are guaranteed to be free of crippling genetic hip dysplasia and to certify by 26 months with rating of OFA fair or better or SV equivalent. We only guarantee genetic hip dysplasia. Environmentally-induced dysplasia from dog being overweight, heavy exercise, jumping, harsh training, injury, abuse, improper nutrition, or debilitating illness etc. hips are NOT guaranteed. A OFA/ SV document with Veterinary certification of said diagnosis is required by seller before replacement can be made. All hip x-rays must be done by a certified DVM and must be sent to OFA or SV for evaluation as stated in hip contract. If dogs are over exercised, fed nutritionally inadequate unbalanced diets resulting in poor health and condition and / or are bred before 2 yrs or before obtaining a hip evaluation and breedable hip/elbow certification, this contract is VOID and if bred before hips are x-rayed/ rated, constitutes misuse of dog.

 If ownership of dog is sold or transferred, Guarantee and Registration upgrade is non transferable and is VOIDED. If dog fails to receive OFA hip rating of fair or better or breedable rating, seller requires a written diagnosis of such rating from the submitting veterinarian and OFA / SV and requires films and all documentation be sent to seller and/or seller's DVM for evaluation. Documentation proof of acceptable food as described in our feeding informational and provided to said dog may be required. If buyer chooses to keep the dog, proof of spay or neuter will be required before a replacement animal will be awarded, after which a replacement dog of equal value PAID will be awarded provided all terms have been satisfied, to be awarded only as soon as one becomes available and shall be of the breeder’s choosing. This is NOT a money back guarantee. It is a one time replacement guarantee only. No refunds will be given.

Shipping Services

Puppies are shipped by Air. Puppies must be 8 weeks old to ship. We do not ship out side the USA. Shipping charges are in addition to the purchase price of your puppy. Currently the cost is:  $475 - $500 (Price may change). We determine which airline to use for the shipping of the puppy. Puppies are only shipped out on Friday’s and Saturday’s and will ship from Miami International airport to you nearest airport. You MUST have your Drivers License / ID to pick up the puppy from the airport. The ID must read exactly what the health certificate says which will be attached to the side of the crate. Please know we secure our puppies VERY well in their crates! This is to ensure that no ones opens the crate / steals the puppy.


To Begin, it is important to note that all our pups, even those purchased with full registration, will start out with limited registration, until such time as our upgrade requirements have been met.  

NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! See Below for requirements. 

These requirements are:

  1. X-rays MUST must be taken between 24-26 months of age. Pups must pass their rating with a rating of OFA Fair, Good or Excellent on Hips, and have Normal Elbows. We do not guarantee against Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD), as noted in our purchase contract.

  • A working Title from our Title Requirement List must also be achieved prior to being eligible for Upgrade to Full Registration status.

The puppy will be named in accordance to our breeding / kennel name “Vom Windstarke”. A separate and additional check for AKC registration of your puppy will be required from buyers prior to release of your puppy. AKC single owner registration of your puppy is currently $30.00 with AKC, $40.00 for 2 owners. This fee is subject to change based on future increases issued from AKC. When possible, registration of our pups will be completed at Windstarke K9. This is to insure that your puppy is properly registered with the AKC, and that your chosen and agreed upon name stated in your purchase contract is listed correctly with AKC, exactly as stated in your purchase contract of record with Windstarke K9. We provide buyers with a printed pedigree for their pups, documenting the parentage of all our puppies. This pedigree documents all recorded titles earned by the ancestry of your puppy, which were recorded as of the date papers were issued, from country of origin of the parent dogs. 

If you wish to order a certified 3 or 4 Gen. AKC pedigrees, this can be done through AKC at a later date by you, the puppy’s new owner. 

Full AKC Registration 

 If you want to breed you dog in the future this is the registration to choose. PLESE READ CAREFULLY!!! With few exceptions, All begin with Limited registration, and Hips must be x-rayed by 24-26 months of age (OFA) and dog is not to have been bred before 24 months and / or before taking x-rays or all hip guarantees / full registration status are voided. If sold with full registration a training title/ achievement must be achieved as well. See below under titling 

  • Requirement for FULL RegistrationAll pups purchased with FULL registration must first satisfy the 24-26 month Hip Requirement. The dog cannot have been placed, sold or re-homed, nor been bred prior to 24 months, and provide proof of compliance to Windstarke K9. Following compliance, Dogs purchased with FULL Registration status will be upgraded from their Limited status to FULL AKC Registration by the Seller at no additional purchase price to the buyer except the AKC upgrade fee for full registration (currently $25.00). 

Limited AKC Registration

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PLANS TO BREED YOUR DOG IN THE FUTURE, this is the registration to choose. PLESE READ CAREFULLY!!! Puppies sold on a limited without the option to upgrade to a full registration will remain as pets with Limited Registration status. Pet quality dogs are to be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age recommendation (2 years of age). Dogs who remain with a limited registration are not eligible to register a litter with the American Kennel Club (AKC).  

Training & Titling

We feel that training and titling your dog is an important part of maintaining healthy and stable breeding program, as well as a great way to form and maintain a bond with your dog. We require that in order to obtain a Full  registration status your dog must achieve in some training venue/ title. Title Options for Full Registration Upgrade are listed below. Choose one following titles for lifting limited registration to FULL registration. 

Title Options:

Novice Obedience and PT Herding Title or higher, Tri Combo STAR Puppy, CGC and BH Title , Agility Open Title with Certificate 

Rally Open Title with Certificate , Lure Coursing Title Certificate , Fly Ball Title Certificate , Dock Diving Title Certificate 

PDC, PSA 1 or higher , BH and IPO Titles , French Ring 1 Title or higher , SAR Written Certification for Trailing, Cadaver, or Water Recovery , NW1 Canine Nose work Title 

We may be open to other working titles as well. Contact us ahead of time, about your title request for approval on eligibility for full registration upgrade. 

>>>>>>>>   I, __________________________ buyer, have read the above registration terms and have chosen:    LIMITED   /     FULL      AKC REGISTRATION for my puppy.

Breeding Females

It is crucial to be very familiar with their heat cycles. Keep a log/ record of their cycles, dates and lengths. If they are due to come into heat around the same time frame that you are planning to do her x-rays, be very cautious, you must delay taking the x-rays for 6-8 weeks following the end of their heat cycles. Under no circumstances should a female be x-rayed when she is in heat. Additionally, 

hip films must not be taken 6-8 weeks either before or after the impending/current heat cycle. When a female comes into heat, the fluctuation of hormone levels within her body causes her ligaments, tendons, and joints to loosen and become lax.  This is a normal preparation for the body should the bitch become pregnant. It is not a good time to do X-Rays as it can, and has, changed the 

outcome of the rating for the dogs hips. Owners who take films while female is in heat, or whose female comes into heat immediately following the films, and which result in a negative hip rating, will be required to have hip films retaken in 8 weeks from the end of the heat cycle. 

Spaying and Neutering

• Male puppies should wait until 24 months (2 years) of age. 

• Female puppies should not be spayed before their first heat if possible. Their first heat generally starts around 6-9 months old and last for 21 days. However, we recommend waiting until the puppies are at least 2 years of age before spaying. 

• If the puppy is fixed before the recommend age the buyer will lose the rights of return or replacement value for any health issues after the puppy is spayed/ neutered and will lose any guarantee coverage and no replacement dog will be offered. Unless for certain health reason and a Licensed Veterinarian would have to explain in writing. 

Terms of Replacement 

 Buyer having met all terms and requirements above and In the event a puppy is proven to be dysplastic, Under NO circumstance is the dog to be sold, placed or euthanized without obtaining PRIOR express written permission by Windstarke K9. Should any of the events mentioned above in fact occur and a replacement dog  becomes necessary, the Buyer is required to spay or neuter the animal and provide proof of such to us. Buyer may keep the dog, with a new pup of our choice awarded to buyer. Seller allowing purchase credit of 50% of original dogs purchase price paid, toward  a new puppy. Airfare and related Veterinary fees are additional and at buyer expense.This option will be awarded on a one time basis, when a pup of equivalent value and of breeder's choosing & approval becomes available. 

Finding a New Home

 If you must find the dog another home, we have first rights of refusal on dog before it is placed or sold. This means you MUST contact us and give us the option to receive the dog back from you. All sales are considered final except as specified in the original sales contract agreement. Unforeseen family emergencies occur at times, in the event you are unable to care for the dog/ puppy you have purchased, We request that you:

#1.  Contact us for about the situation and first right of refusal. You may bring the dog back to us, so we can find a proper and loving for the dog. We want to insure the health and well-being of our pups that we place into new environments, and strive to do what is best for each and every dog leaving our care. If we are able, we may keep the dog ourselves; however if this is not possible, every effort will be made to locate a suitable home, which will care for and love the dog you have given your time and attention to. Buyer is responsible for return of the dog. Original signed papers must be returned as well. Under no circumstances is the dog to be given away other than returning the dog back to the breeder. This insures the safety of the dog as well as the new owners involved, should re-homing the dog become necessary.

#2. You may identify a potential new home for the dog pending pending our approval. We MUST have the new owners name, address, and contact phone numbers. 

Misuse, Neglect and Abuse

Buyer agrees to care for this dog / puppy in a manner consistent with the preservation of the dog's health and well being. Buyer agrees to provide proper shelter for the dog, and give the dog proper attention. The  dog is  to  be kept indoors and be apart of the immediate family. The dog MUST take a once a month flea, tick and heart worm prevention. If a dispute were to occur owner will need to show proof that the dog has been taking monthly prevention an has been seen by a veterinarian regularly. Abuse of dog, lack of adequate nutrition and/or using this dog for purposes for which it was not intended to be used and which may harm the dog, specifically illegal dog fighting, or over breeding. Neglect/ caring for the dog allows us to confiscate the dog. Should the dog go missing from original owner, and the owner cannot be contacted for whatever reason, or is found to be neglected and or abused we have the right to confiscate the dog and take the dog back into full ownership. If at anytime we feel the dog has been neglected/ uncared for abandoned or abused, we have the right to confiscate the dog.      


Buyer releases the seller from any and all liability arising out of the sale, raising of or training of the previously described puppy/dog. Refunds are not awarded if dog must be returned to seller. Buyer has read all the foregoing and understands and agrees with the provisions and acknowledges a copy of this agreement. In the event a dispute arises, any and all collection expenses incurred by the seller, as may be necessary to enforce the terms of this contract, including, but not limited to recovery of Windstarke pups/ dogs where owners are in violation of the contract terms, all attorney costs and fees, court costs and recovery costs including shipment home of animal, should it become necessary, are recoverable by the seller upon judgment issued in court. Court venue is established and to be conducted in the State of Florida, County of Monroe.  

   Thank you for purchasing a puppy from Windstarke German Shepherds. Our puppies are important to us, as are you, their new owner. Please keep in touch with us and drop us a photo of your pup from time to time. At any time if you have any questions or concerns about your dog, please contact us. We are here for a life time of breeder support and help.

Buyer:___________________________________________  Date: ____/_____/____

Seller: ___________________________________________  Date: ____/____/_____

Buyer: DO NOT WRITE in the area below!!!  

Seller is to complete the following for those who have purchased a puppy on a full registration. 

Buyer’s Hip Requirements having been met:

Buyer purchased dog with:   FULL     /   LIMITED    AKC Registration. 

Registration status eligible for upgrade:   Yes       No 

Required HIP COMPLIANCE: X-rays 24-26 mos   _____/_____/_____ 

Rating: _______________________________________________________________________

Optional Choice: SV hip rating after 12 mos ____/____/______ 

 Rating ________________________________________________________________________

Title / training achievement :_________________________________________________________

Upgraded to FULL Regist. ______/______/_______

German Shepherd Dogs