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Buck Wild Vom Harterhund 

                                                                                              BH, PSA PDC
Born on June, 17th, 2015
Black Sable 
Czech / DDR 
OFA: Hips GOOD, Elbows Normal, DM Clear

Buck is a very handsome dark sable male. He has a strong broad head with masculine features and a very expressive face.
 Buck is a medium-large male, he is super athletic in build, well-muscled and stocky confirmation. He is extremely smart, his obedience is solid. Buck has both prey and defense drives without being over the top. He has strong nerves and doesn't break down under pressure. We are currently working for PSA titles. He has a great solid bite and hold and has proven he can respond and repel a threat if needed in a real time situation. He has a strong protection instinct and will not shy from anything or anyone. He is willing to work at any time, with high energy and enthusiasm. Buck is clear headed with a pronounced on and off switch making him an excellent working dog as well as a stable companion. He is not super dominant but not a pushover either, he is confident and reliable where ever we go and has proven to be a good ambassador for the breed. He loves children, he is very calm and gentle. He is Great with people, children and other animals. He can be out in a social setting and have no issues. Buck has an incredibly sweet, laid back personality he is incredibly easy to live with in the home and content to lay at my feet when the day is done.  
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