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Upcoming and Available Puppies

  Our Puppies are healthy and energetic, they are very easy to train, and will come ready to bond with the family. They are intelligent, loyal family dogs and have the capacity to be trained in any venue needed. They show all the signs for maximum potential in anything that you ask. The puppies will be accustomed to loud noises and daily activities.  

They will be up to date on their vaccinations and deworming. Our puppies are always handled and loved daily by the whole family. 
At about 4 weeks old the puppies are able to be out and about around our home, exploring and gaining confidence at an early age, by 6 weeks old they are allowed to roam in our yard with the adult dogs. They will be exposed to water, cats and children. 
Our pups are only kenneled at night,  and while we are away from the house, (for their safety). Puppies will excel for K-9, Search and Rescue, PSA, Personal Protection, Schutzhund, Working, Family dogs, or whatever you wish to train them to be. 

What we offer

•  Registration- All of our puppies start off with a AKC Limited Registration. For those who have a interest in breedinging, we do give the option to lift the limited registration from a limited to a full which will allow breeding rights. Certain health testings and requirements must be met before any registration is lifted. 

• 2 year hip guarantee 

  • Life time of breeder support

• A $500 (NR) deposit is required once pups are born.

• Shipping is available for additional cost, roughly $300-$450

  • Puppies are DM Clear by parentage, will be highly socialized, vet checked, have age appropriate shots/worming, be microchipped  and have a written health agreement/ contract. 

How to Reserve...

 If you have a interest in one of our puppies please contact us by email or phone. Want to reserve a puppy? First a puppy application must be filled out and approved by us, you must also review our policy and sales contract. A $500.00 dollar deposit is required to hold a puppy. This deposit is non-refundable but is transferable to a future litter if desired. We only accept 2 male and 2 female reservation before the litter is born. Once puppies are born we start taking deposits. Puppies are chosen in the order in which I receive deposits at birth. 

Once the pups are are 4 -5 weeks old, we will contact the first pick buyer and help choose the right puppy for their lifestyle. 

 After they choose we contact the 2nd buyer and do the same so on. Each week we will send photos and descriptions of the pups and their temperaments to those reserved. We always give suggestions of which pup should go to which family. By the time puppies are 5-6 weeks old, we know them very well and have good idea for the best homes for them. 

Future  Breedings

Buck Wild Von Harterhund (Sire)


OFA: Hips Good/ Elbows Normal/ DM: Clear


Rvca Havana Vom Windstarke (Dam)

Protection Dog (In Training)

Health Screenings: Pending 

  We have future plans to breed Rvca and Buck (Pending Rvca's health clearances). We plan to breed this pair in spring of 2020. 

We expect very nice puppies from these two! High High drives. These puppies will be suitable for working/ active homes only. We are not accepting reservations at this time. Once Rvca has her health clearances done,  we will then be accepting reservations. 

About this Breeding

Puppies from this breeding will only be offered to working homes and active families. Both Rvca and Buck have extreme drive, and very stable temperaments. We Expect them to pass on to their off spring. 

Buck is an extremely driven male, highly intelligent. His hunt drive is extreme, he has tremendous ball drive. Buck can go from 0 to 100 mph in a flash. Yet chill in the house when the days done. It is truly a honor to own these dogs. This is what the GSD should be. We will possibly be working towards PSA titles in the future.

RVCA is a very sweet and smart girl with a strong temperament and eagerness to work and learn new tasks. She has extreme drive, and will power and can be quite stubborn at times.  She is currently being trained a personal protection dog and is responding very well with the training. She fires up on command with little or no effort from the decoy and no equipment is needed. She is a energetic and fun to be around. We are very excited to see what she will produce in the future. We expect high drive puppies out of her. 

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