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Welcome to Key Star German Shepherds 

   We are a small hobby breeder of German Shepherds located in the Florida Keys. We emphasize temperament, health, socialization and physical traits. We truly believe there is always a dog suited for everyone, and will work very close with you to make that match possible. Our Bloodlines consist mainly of  European working lines, mainly from former East German (DDR), and Czech dogs. 

We continually strive to produce some of the highest quality animals for OUTSTANDING bone, type, temperament, and health.  Our dogs are family members first and foremost, we take so much pride in them, they are well loved and very involved in our everyday family life. They enjoy training, swimming, going out in the boat with us, and spending time with family. 

They are indoor dogs, they do not live in kennels or crates, they are free to roam as they please. Our dogs are very social and display a lot of courage and self confidence in any type of environment, making our German shepherd puppies very desirable for police and personal protection work. Our focus is to breed quality dogs that have balance of temperament, structure and health. 

They are naturally protective of their families and home front, and pass these traits to their offspring. We consistently produce, Large Powerful Heads, Solid Bone Structure, All Around Athletes and Optimum Health & Longevity. 

We are originally from and still residing in the Florida Keys. Our breeding program is our hobby and our passion. My goal is to improve on the temperament, health, and structure of this awesome breed!! We breed fro intelligence, courage, and dependability for which the German Shepherd is renowned. We produce puppies that adequately represent the breed and are stable and intelligent with good drive that will make these dogs suitable for any task. We have consistently produced well balanced, driven, dedicated dogs with the solid temperament and grace that exceeds even the highest German standards required for the breed.

  My love for the dogs and animals in general started as a child. Growing up my family raised English Labs.  I started training with a local trainer who bred and trained German Shepherd dogs for our local police department. I quickly realized I had a passion and obsession for this breed.  We purchased our first German Shepherd dog when I was twelve years old, and my passion has grown since! Our dogs are our family first and foremost. We take a lot of pride in our dogs, they are a HUGE part of our lives. We don't have children of our own so they are literally our kids. They don't live outdoors or in kennels or crates, they are free to roam and do what they please in our house hold. 

We enjoy their loyalty and companionship along with their ability to please. We enjoy taking them in the boat to run on the sandbar, we train with them weekly. We only have 1-2  litters per year. Our German Shepherds are beautiful, extremely intelligent, courageous, and protective of their families. We offer these excellent German Shepherd Dogs and German Shepherd puppies for sale only after temperament, character, and conformation have been proven. The sky is the limit with our pups. 


We love fellow Shepherd “junkies”.  If you are ever in the area, please stop by and let us show off our fur-kids!  You’re always welcome to our home. Or you’re welcome to call us anytime. Our phone number is listed below.  

We look forward to hearing and working with you! Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. 

Contact Alyssa at (305)394-4795

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