Alyssa Mitchell 
Telephone: (305)394-4795 

     Keys K9 
    Quality Working Line German Shepherds


  We are a small hobby breeder of German Shepherds located in the Florida Keys. We emphasize temperament, health, socialization and physical traits. We truly believe there is always a dog suited for everyone, and will work very close with you to make that match possible. Our Bloodlines consist mainly of  European working lines, mainly from former East German (DDR), and Czech dogs.  We strive to find the perfect homes for our puppies. We only have one or two litters per year.  Our dogs are family members first and foremost, we take so much pride in them, they are well loved and very involved in our everyday family life. They enjoy training, swimming, going out in the boat with us, and spending time with family. They are indoor dogs, they do not live in kennels or crates, they are free to roam as they please. Our dogs are very social and display a lot of courage and self confidence in any type of environment, making our German shepherd puppies very desirable for police and personal protection work. Our focus is to breed quality dogs that have balance of temperament, structure and health. They are naturally protective of their families and home front, and pass these traits to their offspring. We consistently produce, Large Powerful Heads, Solid Bone Structure, All Around Athletes and Optimum Health & Longevity. 

German Shepherd Dogs